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MapWindow Member List

This is the complete list of members for MapWindow, including all inherited members.
AllocNodes(void)MapWindow [private]
BkColorWindow [protected]
BorderColorWindow [protected]
Client(void)Window [inline]
ClientDWindow [protected]
CliX1Window [protected]
CliX2Window [protected]
CliY1Window [protected]
CliY2Window [protected]
ConnectNode(int node1, int node2)MapWindow [private]
DisableNodes(MoveList &)MapWindow
DispScrnObj [protected]
Dispatch(Message &msg)Window [virtual]
Draw(void)MapWindow [virtual]
DrawLines(void)MapWindow [private]
DrawnScrnObj [protected]
EnableNodes(MoveList &, int)MapWindow
Erase()Window [virtual]
GetXDim(void)Window [inline, virtual]
GetYDim(void)Window [inline, virtual]
HilightNode(int, int)MapWindow
Init(Display *, int, int)MapWindow [virtual]
NewConnectNode(int, int, byte)MapWindow [private]
NextScrnObj [protected]
NNodesMapWindow [private]
NodeListMapWindow [private]
PrepScreen(void)Window [inline, virtual]
Scale(int &, int &)MapWindow [private]
ScrnObj()ScrnObj [inline]
TitleWindow [protected]
TitleColorWindow [protected]
TitleDWindow [protected]
TX1Window [protected]
TX2Window [protected]
TY1Window [protected]
TY2Window [protected]
Window()Window [protected]
Window(int dx, int dy, int bc, int bkc)Window
Window(int dx, int dy, int bc, int bkc, char *t, int tc)Window
XScrnObj [protected]
XDimWindow [protected]
YScrnObj [protected]
YDimWindow [protected]
~ScrnObj()ScrnObj [inline, virtual]
~Window()Window [virtual]

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