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Player Member List

This is the complete list of members for Player, including all inherited members.
ChooseMove(void)Player [inline, protected, virtual]
ColorPlayer [private]
GetColor(void)Player [inline]
GetHistory(void)Player [inline]
GetName(void)Player [inline]
GetPosition(void)Player [inline]
HistoryPlayer [protected]
IsSpy(void)Player [virtual]
NamePlayer [private]
NumTokens(TokenType)Player [inline, virtual]
Player(void)Player [inline, protected]
Player(char *name, int color)Player
Player(char *name, int color, PosType pos)Player
PosPlayer [protected]
Position(void)Player [inline]
TakeTurn(void)Player [inline, virtual]
~Player(void)Player [inline, virtual]

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