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Descended from English Monarchs

I learned recently that I am a direct descendent of several prominent English Monarchs. Here is a list of all my ancestors in the line that goes back to William the Conquerer, in the 11th century! For each monarch, the crown icon is a link to the relevant page at britannia.com.

Thanks to the Wingfield Family Society for providing much of this information.

There are 29 generations represented here, which means I am the great27 grandson of King William I.

(1) William I  “the Conqueror” Brittania.com link
born 1027, crowned 1066, died 1087.
with Mathilda of Flanders, begat:

(2) Henry I  “Beauclerc” Brittania.com link
born 1068, crowned 1100, died 1135.
with Eadgyth of Scotland, begat:

(3) Empress Matilda Brittania.com link
born 1102, died 1154.
with Geoffrey of Anjou, begat:

(4) Henry II Plantagenet Brittania.com link
born 1133 in Le Mans, crowned 1154, died 1189 in Anjou.
with Eleanor of Aquitane, begat:

(5) John  “Lackland” Brittania.com link
born 1167 in Oxford, crowned 1199, died 1216 in Nottinghamshire.
with Isabella of Angouleme, begat:

(6) Henry III Brittania.com link
born 1207, crowned 1216, died 1272.
with Eleanor Berenger of Provence, begat:

(7) Edward I  “Longshanks” Brittania.com link
born 1239, crowned 1274, died 1307.
with Eleanor de Castile (daughter of Ferdinand III), begat:

(8) Elizabeth Plantagenet
born 1282, died 1316.
with Humphrey de Bohun (Earl of Hereford and Essex), begat:

(9) William de Bohun
born 1312, died 1360.
with Elizabeth de Badlesmere, begat:

(10) Elizabeth de Bohun
born ?, died 1385.
with Richard Fitz-Alan, begat:

(11) Elizabeth Fitz-Alan
born 1369, died 1425.
with Robert Gousell, begat:

(12) Elizabeth Gousell
born 1401, died 1441.
with Robert Wingfield, begat:

(13) Henry Wingfield
born 1440, died 1494.
with Elizabeth Rookes, begat:

(14) Robert Wingfield
born 1490, died 1575.
with Margery Quarles, begat:

(15) Robert Wingfield
born 1532, died 1580.
with Elizabeth Cecil, begat:

(16) John Wingfield
born ?, died 1626.
with Elizabeth Gresham, begat:

(17) John Wingfield
born ?, died 1631.
with Frances Cromwell, begat:

(18) John Wingfield
born 1623, died 1678.
with Mary Owen, begat:

(19) Thomas Wingfield
born 1664, died 1720.
with Mary Stegal, begat:

(20) John Wingfield
born 1695, died 1755.
with Mary “Polly” Hudson, begat:

(21) Charles Wingfield, Sr
born 1728, died 1803.
with Rachel Joyner, begat:

(22) William Wingfield
born 1758, died 1836.
with Mary Wingfield, begat:

(23) John Hudson Wingfield
born 1807, died 1885.
with Lucy Hicks, begat:

(24) John Hudson Wingfield
born 1834, died ?.
with Mary A. Thomas, begat:

(25) Richard Hudson Wingfield
born 1862, died 1942.
with Adelia Akers, begat:

(26) Roy Tazwell Wingfield
born 1890, died 1962.
with Annie Rachel Kindred, begat:

(27) Alfred James Wingfield
born 1923 in West Virginia.
with Lois Virginia Marek, begat:

(28) Barbara Ann Wingfield
born 1949 in Baltimore.
with Nathaniel Raymond League, begat:

(29) Christopher Adam League
born 1973 in Baltimore.

Updated 23 September 2003