Casting about

By the way, the iPod-in-car setup is working out great for the commute. I love having what is essentially a portable TiVo for public radio.

Of all the shows I'm listening to lately, the highlight has definitely been Radio Lab. It appears to have been a limited run series, with just two seasons of a half dozen shows each. But it's really brilliant. Dear Jad, make more!

I'm afraid if I were to try to describe it, I'd have a hard time distinguishing it from This American Life (“each week we have a theme…”). TAL is usually pretty good too, but Radio Lab is something altogether different. The image of a goat perched on top of a cow on the side of a California highway is still with me. [Detective Stories, aired 14 April 2006]

Another honorable mention is BBC's Digital Planet, which is just technology news (and not particularly technical) but Gareth Mitchell is fun and easy on the ears.

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