1. Modular Module Systems: A Survey
  2. Futzing with Actors (etc.)
  3. Continuations and Other Functional Patterns
  4. Monadologie: Professional Help for Type Anxiety
  5. Something for Everyone: AI Lab Assignments that Span Learning Styles and Aptitudes
  6. Type-Based Compression of XML Data
  7. On the Construction of Convergent Transfer Subgraphs in General Labeled Directed Graphs
  8. MetaOCaml Server Pages: Web Publishing as Staged Computation
  9. Typed Compilation Against Non-Manifest Base Classes
  10. Typed Compilation of Objects
  11. Precision in Practice: A Type-Preserving Java Compiler
  12. A Type-Preserving Compiler Infrastructure
  13. Functional Java Bytecode
  14. Type-Preserving Compilation of Featherweight Java
  15. Implementing Typed Intermediate Languages
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