My god, my iPod is crashing a lot. Starting, I think, with the last firmware update, I noticed that it could no longer play podcasts from KCRW. They play fine in iTunes, but not on the iPod. As soon as it tries to play that track, it suddenly reboots.

Now many music tracks seem to be affected too. It's absolutely reproducible: if a track crashes the iPod, it will continue to crash it in the future. It's so bad now that with more than 3,000 tracks, I can't play more than 8 or 9 on shuffle without encountering a bad track and crashing.

All of the tracks continue to work on iTunes and other players. Even if they're getting corrupted somehow on the iPod, that's not an excuse for crashing. I found complaints specifically about KCRW's podcasts on the Apple message boards some time ago, although I couldn't find them today. I hope Apple releases a firmware update to fix this soon. But now with all these other music tracks causing problems, I have to wonder if it's not just my iPod...

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