Ireland in watercolour

I’m pleased to present these watercolor paintings by Dannny McLaughlin. Back in 2004, he left a comment on my web page about my 1998 trip to Ireland. Then, he got in touch with me to see if he could base paintings on two of my photographs:

I came across your web site when I was googling photos of chickens (I’m working on a painting) and thought your photographs were great. I am writing to seek permission to use a couple as subjects for future paintings. The two I have in mind are from your 1998 trip to Ireland: “Twin boats on the Galway River” and “Cobblestone courtyard and farm equipment at Bun Raìthe Folk Park”. I am just passing the beginner stage, getting to the point of showing my work. These two photos have the composition and subject matter that I look for when I go out with my camera. I don’t know how this all works legally, but I did not want to infringe on any copyright(s) you have.

Of course, I was thrilled that someone found inspiration in my photos. I agreed, provided that he would send me photos of his work and allow me to post them on my web site. Later that year, he sent me these pictures. I’m just now getting around to posting them on my site. Thanks, Danny, and best wishes with your paintings.

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