Subversion, the honeymoon is over

Really, I wanted to love you. You seem cleanly designed. I adore your model of a persistent file system, where even branches and tags are just sub-directories. Your commands mostly make sense. I appreciate that many of them work without repository access, so I don't have to wait long to get a status or a diff.

But now you're screwing me over. All I wanted to do was take the WordPress 2.0.4 upgrade for a spin in your vendor branch. I know it has been a few weeks since I last spoke to you. But now all you can tell me on my Powerbook is “Bad database version: compiled with 4.4.16, running against 4.3.29.” And on Debian, you say only “svn: bdb: Program version 4.2 doesn't match environment version.” What did I do to deserve this?

You're jealous of darcs, aren't you? How petty. Anyway, it's your affair with Berkeley DB that got us into this mess. I know, you're seeing ‘FSFS’ now, whatever that is. You say things are better this way, but where does that leave me?

I suppose I should accept some blame too. Some of my repositories are private – read and written only by me – and I wanted them available for commits when I'm offline. So I put them in my home directory and synchronized with unison to other architectures and operating systems. I know, I know. To say this is ‘not recommended’ is understatement. But somehow it seemed to work okay for a while.

I wish I could quit you.

But I need access to my files first.

©20022015 Christopher League