Happy 2007

The holidays were good this year. The fridge is packed with food from last night's fest. My head is still a little cloudy. I have a stack of new books to read, a new digital SLR camera – maybe I can start posting new photos here more regularly – and several interesting projects to work on before classes begin again in two weeks.

One is the final draft of our paper on type-based compression of XML. It was accepted, so I'll be going to Utah in March to present. One review in particular was extremely helpful, and I'm looking forward to studying what he/she wrote more closely, and chasing some more references.

I'll be submitting my tenure portfolio in the Fall of this year. Hard to believe I'm in year 5 already. This past semester was busy as hell – good in some ways, and frustrating in others. There are a few unfinished administrative things – “open loops” in David's jargon – that are nagging at me. Hopefully I can knock them out of the way and they don't interfere with the more interesting projects.

And let's hope that “Web 2.0” (among other things) inspires more students to come back to computing in ’07.

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