My surname is a common noun, but an uncommon name. So I expect some false hits in my Google space, such as a page for one Christopher Williams – a Welsh football/soccer player – that lists “Christopher's League Stats.”

But here are some uncanny clips I found via Google this morning:

Christopher League is something I love and look forward to throughout the week.

Aw, thanks… is that from one of my students maybe? Just don't turn into a stalker!

Christopher League has become such an important part of my life and I look forward to the years to come.

Uh, okay. You turned into a stalker.

There is no better legacy that I can think of than to take the Christopher League to new venues to allow others to experience the thrills, joy and elation…

Woah, that's spooky. I'm happy to provide thrills, joy, and elation, but what's with the definite article in front of my name?

Last Saturday I went to the baseball field to begin a new season of Christopher League.

Okay, now I'm seriously confused. When did this become about sports?

The Christopher League is a baseball program for disabled children and is run in conjunction with NYO's youth baseball program on a “buddy system.”

Ah, got it! NYO is the Northside Youth Organization in Atlanta, Georgia. Presumably, their Christopher League co-opts the name to honor an early participant…?

Anyway, I'm proud to have this organization as a namesake. Somewhere, I'm sure there's an unfortunate woman with the name Megan Law.

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