Two types of types

Follow-up about BitTorrent: at some point, I read the FAQ and found that for BT to work correctly, one needs to forward ports to overcome the Network Address Translation done by the router. (Would have been easy except that I forgot my router config password and had to reset it.) But after doing that, the number of peers increased significantly, and with it both upload and download rates. That's more like it!

In my email the other day, I received a message with an image claiming that:

Leitura is an elegant, versatile Type System
Wow, sounds great, I thought. Where was this when I was doing my thesis research? So is it based on the lambda calculus? I read on:
that comes in 4 varieties: A crisp Roman, a stylish Sans, a News version, etc.
Ah, that kind of ‘type system’. Come to think of it, the message was from

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