What's the inverse of a silver lining? [explicit]

I'm thrilled about Obama, of course. I hope it's the sign of my country turning a new leaf, and shedding some of the painful past.  Other than overcoming the obvious racial barrier, I hope this signals the end of the anti-intellectualism that has been rampant for a decade or two. Obama is an inspiration to millions and sharp as a tack. That, my friends, is a rare combination. It won't be easy, but if we can hold his administration to half of the ideals that inspired us to support him, the country will be back on track.

Unfortunately, it's not all unicorns and rainbows for me today.  Four states banned gay marriage or adoption, including probably (still officially undecided as I write this) our beloved California.  I'm feeling the tyranny of the majority today.  I'm not effective as an advocate for gay marriage, because I take it very personally… usually the only argument I can muster is “F— you!  Don't you criticize my 10-year committed relationship; hold yourselves to the same standard, you goddamn pricks.”

Even well-meaning straight couples take the civil aspects of marriage for granted.  I can't count how many times I've been at a wedding and heard “We actually got the marriage certificate two months ago, but it didn't feel like we were married until today.”  I call bullshit – it's precisely the opposite.  Anybody can throw an elaborate party for friends, family, and imaginary deities of their choosing.  But it's not an effective union until your state and country acknowledge, accept, and enforce the literally thousands of rights and responsibilities you have to each other.

California: thanks for the 55 electoral votes.  But otherwise, fuck you.  Same to Arizona, Arkansas, and Florida, and the LDS.

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