Presentation Zeno

My talk at CCSC seemed to go okay. I took more inspiration this time from Garr's Presentation Zen blog and book. I have always been relatively pleased with my visuals, I think because I received some good advice early on, and I've always had a reasonable sense of design. But this is the first time I let go of some long-cherished approaches (for one, titles on each slide that successively tell the story) and the first time I used ‘full-bleed’ stock photography. Some of the slides also contain videos. Here's a slide-sorter view of most of the visuals (some redundant progressions elided). Click to embiggen.

I think Garr's advice worked because this talk is more persuasive than technical. I'm not certain yet how I would adapt a talk about compilers or type theory. But in a sense, all conference talks are persuasive. You just don't have time to convey the finer technical points in that format, so really the goal is to persuade the audience that your result is worth investigating after the talk is over.

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