With the summer ending and the new semester looming, I felt it is time to rescue this ’blog from its unplanned hiatus. It appears that I haven't posted anything since early May.

So yesterday I spent some time refreshing my WordPress templates, configuring some new plugins, etc. After years of maintaining my own custom photo gallery scripts, I'm considering switching to flickr. I uploaded a few things to my photo stream already; you can also see updates in the new FriendFeed sidebar and on Facebook. So far I'm impressed with the tools on Flickr, and iPhoto export capability of PictureSync. We'll see how it goes.

Incidentally, the initial draft of this post was written and uploaded from Emacs, with weblogger.el… fancy! Update: not impressed with its out-of-the-box behavior: had to fix up HTML tags and even line breaks by hand.  More hacking to do, if I think that's worthwhile…

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