testing again from emacs

First one didn't seem to go through, but here I am trying to post from Emacs using weblogger.el.

What do you know, it seemed to publish. Now I have to figure out some things: is auto-fill-mode or longlines-mode best? What's the difference between weblogger-save-entry, weblogger-send-entry, weblogger-publish-entry? This could be useful though.

So interesting, seems like auto-fill-mode was wrong… what I really want is longlines-mode so that text wraps more naturally (without Emacs inserting the hard returns). I don't think the keywords worked, even though I supposedly had a patch for that. I'll have to fill such meta-data on the web?

Bah, even with longlines-mode, it still wrapped after sending. Maybe this isn't worth the investment yet. :(

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