End of summer

I was in denial about it for as long as possible, but yesterday my classes began. I can't pretend it's still summer anymore. Although the summer wasn't nearly as productive as I planned back in May (I believe in aiming high; realistic goals are for weak minds ;) ), I did get two papers accepted and I made progress on a new manuscript that I'd like to submit by mid-October.

I also sharpened my tools, battled a web-spam invasion, built a new home computer, and changed my web host. Didn't travel very far this summer, but we hit Block Island (RI) in May, and Boston and Montréal for a few days each in August. In the coming weeks and months, I plan to finish final revisions on my RNGzip paper for JCP, pound out the new manuscript with Stefan, organize my coursework ideas for AI and write something about that, and, of course, submit my tenure portfolio. Oh, and I'll be going to Germany for ICFP.

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