The art of undo

So is emacs the only software in the world that gets undo right? In which undo actions themselves can be undone? Or have my expectations been so completely molded by emacs that its behavior is, by definition, the right thing?

Here's an experiment you can try at home, in your favorite editor, browser text box, etc.

  1. Type “one”
  2. Do some backward cursor motion – this forces a separate action in the undo list
  3. Type “two”
  4. More cursor motion
  5. Hit undo, to remove “two”
  6. Type “three”
  7. Fiddle in vain for a combination of undo/redo that will bring back “two”
  8. Curse redo as the most useless concept in user interface design – evar!!!
  9. Start searching for ways to do every last bit of text editing in emacs.

©20022015 Christopher League