Here we go again… another relaunch and redesign of my web site. I'm ditching wordpress and MySQL in favor of git and a static framework of my own creation, which I'm calling ‘gauz’ (pronounced like ‘gauze’ or ‘gauss’ – your choice). The idea is very much like Jekyll, but it's written in Python and uses Genshi XML templates. I plan to release the code to github shortly.

The design of the site is my own hand-coded CSS creation, but based on the very helpful 960 grid system. I'm very curious to hear feedback. I'm pretty confident in my coding ability, but less so with design.

It seems like I go through this relaunch process every couple of years. Each time the goal is to make it easier to maintain. But then within two years I declare it unmaintainable and try something different. Either I'm not good at making something that is actually maintainable, or else I change my mind every couple of years about what that concept means. ;)

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